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About the plant

The company `MK SKSM` dates back to 2000. Integration of the enterprise into industrial sector of Kharkiv region and acquiring leading positions on the market of metalwork happened according to the long-term strategic plan of company development.

The main directions of company activities:

  • designing and manufacturing of construction metalwork and framework for buildings of different purposes: blocks of flats, shopping malls, office buildings and buildings of social and industrial significance;
  • designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment for the enterprises of chemical industry, fuel and energy complex, metallurgical, agricultural and other sectors of economy;
  • designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment for traffic arteries, trestles and bridges;
  • designing and manufacturing of building envelopes

One of the main tasks of strategy of development of the company `MK SKSM` is satisfying the needs of industrial groups and building companies of Kharkiv region with high-quality metalwork. This task is effectively fulfilled in the format of `from design to delivery` due to human resources and production potential of the company.

Currently, the company `MK SKSM` occupies the leading positions on the market of metalwork of Eastern Ukraine in the segment of enterprises, producing nearly 3500 tonnes of items per year.

In the scope of fulfillment of development strategy MK SKSM` successfully implemented the system if quality control ISO 9001:2001, which allowed the company to penetrate on the markets of CIS, international markets and build up strong relationships with the companies from Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan and others.